Reasons for Baby sweating a lot (Everything You Wanna Know)

Sweating is a sign of a healthy body, caused by skin’s eccrine glands. Sweating is a natural response to regulate the body’s temperature in accordance with the outside environment. Even infants have these glands developed in their necks, heads and other parts of the body. Though, having experienced your baby sweating a lot could be a sign of something serious.

Is your newborn baby sweating a lot?

Hyperhidrosis is a common disorder among adults and infants where they experience excessive sweating. It is usual to find sweat on head or neck of your infant but having your baby sweating a lot on head, neck, palm or foot can be something mysterious. Infants also experience night-sweat due to many reasons. You must ensure moderate temperature and other conditions to know if your infant is sweating or not. Generally, its normal for infant to sweat if you are sweating too else excessive sweating for no obvious reason then it might be hyperhidrosis

Reasons for excessive sweating in the baby :

If your newborn sweating has exceeded normal level, then there can be many reasons for it. If you have checked it is not because of environment or warm clothing. Then your baby excessive sweating can be due to heat illness, high humidity problem, chronic or acute infection or any other reason. Not often but sweating can state several underlying conditions too. Sweating can also be symptom of breathing problems, heart problems, nervous system problems, genetic disorders or thyroid problems.

At times, excessive sweating in specific body parts can or show different problems. So, we will now explore what are the causes behind



Scalp sweating causes:

Excess scalp sweating also called craniofacial hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating on head, scalp and face. This condition is caused by overactive sweat glands. One more potential reason of excessive scalp sweating is secondary hyperhidrosis. It might be because side effect of any medication taken by baby or mother, change in hormone of mother etc. It is essential in excessive scalp sweating to consult a doctor




Sweaty body causes:

The sweating varies from person to person however, armpits, neck, forehead, palm and feet usually sweat more than other body parts. Therefore, if your infant is having an overall sweaty body then it is matter of concern. Mostly, infant having sweaty bodies is because of heart problems, infections and might have severe outcomes.

 Babies sweaty feet causes:

Having sweaty feet is a common type of hyperhidrosis. Usually, people and infants having sweaty feet also have sweaty hands. It is mostly a hereditary problem. It may cause infection due to continuous sweating and it may get annoying but is the least worrisome type of hyperhidrosis.

Baby sweating at night reasons:

While sleeping, excessive sweating has multiple reasons but do not have to worry a lot. It might be because of the immature nervous system, deep sleep, location of sweat glands, sleep Apnea, hyperhidrosis or because the infant to dressing too much or the room is warm.

How to normalize baby excessive sweating?

Excessive sweating in child has multiple cures. Usually, the sweating problem is cured as the child grows but if not, then there are topical preparations to anticholinergic medications to procedures. Therefore, even if all other reports are clear then you can opt for any suitable method to reduce excessive sweating.

How to stop sweating face?

One of the annoying to have excess sweat is face. Infant feel uneasy or might have skin problems due to excess sweat. You can stop excess sweat by continuously washing face, avoiding moisturizers or taking some medications as prescribed by doctor.

If your baby experiences excessive sweating, it might simply be hyperhidrosis condition but there are slight chances of something serious. And, this is why if you notice abnormal sweating behaviour in your infant, you must consult doctor to ensure your child’s health and safety.
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