Is Bleach Pregnancy Test Real? Best Guide

A delayed or missed periods can cause extreme restlessness and several questions. When you aren’t sure about your pregnancy but have doubts and hints, it can be tempting to try a DIY pregnancy test. These tests do not require expensive ingredients or rare chemicals but include simple, cheap ingredients. While there are many DIY tests available online, very few people consider them scientifically accurate. However, the bleach pregnancy test is popular of all and is even found reliable by many.

Knowing How Bleach works :

The bleach pregnancy test is a traditional, convenient and low-priced method to check if you are pregnant or not. This is a handy option to try at home when you don’t want people around you to know about the it or if you are shy to buy a kit from the pharmacy. The concept of this test is that bleach reacts with human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), the pregnancy hormone found in urine. And, the resulting foaming, fizzing can inform you about results.


Working on bleach pregnancy tests:

Some of the users of the bleach test pregnancy say that they work in a similar manner the legitimate home pregnancy tests available at stores work. Although, there is no evidence backing these claims. Before moving on to the process, lets understand the science behind this test. The embryo when planted in the uterus, the placenta produces a hormone named hCG (Human Chronic Gonadotropin). This hormone is present in urine of pregnant females. When hCG from the urine is mixed with bleach is which is sodium hypochlorite, froth or bubbles are produced.

Therefore, for the test you are required to urinate in a cup and pour some bleach into the urine. As per the claims from users of bleach pregnancy test there are two possible results:

Bleach Pregnancy  Foamed:

The reaction of hCG and bleach results in foaming, froth or bubbles. Therefore, indicating positive pregnancy result.

Bleach Test Fizzing:

If the urine and bleach when combined only fizzes a little bit then it means, absence of hCG and negative pregnancy result.


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Myths Associated with Bleach Pregnancy Analysis:

  • The test can reveal the gender of the baby.

With positive pregnancy results in hand, you may be eager to find out the gender of the baby. The amount of hCG produced is equal for girls and boys and there are no gender hormones which can inform you about the gender. Therefore, the simple urine test might reveal you the presence of pregnancy but won’t inform you of the gender.

  • Give accurate results right away.

It is true that hCGs are immediately produced in pregnant females and therefore, the test is generally accurate however, it cant give accurate results right away. It takes around five days for fertilized egg to implant itself in the uterus, at this point, it stimulates the production of hCG. The amount of hCG present is usually very small and therefore, is barely detectable. So, it might take one more week before the hCG are enough to react and show results

Why is Bleach Pregnancy Test So Popular?

People have firm trust in bleach test pregnancy is due to multiple reasons.

  • Quick and Reliable Results: The test has shown reliable results mostly, therefore, is trusted by many people. The main reason of its popularity is the quick results. Females doing the test are already nervous and want an immediate answer to their curiosity. And, all you have to do is mix both components and the result will appear right away.
  • Cost-Effective: There is no doubt in the fact that it is the most cost-effective pregnancy test. Bleach is already present in homes and the amount required for the test is also very minimal.
  • Extremely Convenient: There is no waiting at pharmacy or hustle of going out to buy test kits or driving to the clinic for tests and reports. Therefore, no pregnancy test can be easier and convenient than this.

Reasons for False Positive Pregnancy Analysis:

Yes, it is true that the bleach pregnancy test might result in false-positive result. If the female is taking any medications prescribed under fertility treatments. These medications might contain hCGs, which are the main component of the test and might cause bubbles or froth giving false-positive result.

The bleach used should be simple bleach, even though using coloured, scented or other bleaches won’t affect the result but they might. Therefore, to ensure the accurate results use simple bleach only.

Is Bleach Pregnancy attempt a Safe Option?

Yes, as per the popularity and claims it is assured that the bleach pregnancy test is completely safe. Make sure to follow the instructions and perform with caution. The releasing fumes might cause irritation therefore, maintain distance is advised.


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