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Are you gonna be the parent soon? We got some tips for you from baby sweating to baby birthday party ideas.

When Do Babies Clap? Infants & Baby Milestones

Watching a toddler grow and achieve his/her milestones is absolutely exhilarating. The first year is packed with most surprising moment like discovering when do babies clap. As the baby uses various techniques and tricks to reach exciting baby milestones. Parents usually want their baby to achieve these milestones as soon as possible. However, every kid hit milestones at their own pace. Therefore, do not freak out if your baby is not following pattern of progress as you thought he would. If the child is delaying too much like not smiling or rolling over then you may contact your pediatrician. And, ... Read more

Is Bleach Pregnancy Test Real? Best Guide

A delayed or missed periods can cause extreme restlessness and several questions. When you aren’t sure about your pregnancy but have doubts and hints, it can be tempting to try a DIY pregnancy test. These tests do not require expensive ingredients or rare chemicals but include simple, cheap ingredients. While there are many DIY tests available online, very few people consider them scientifically accurate. However, the bleach pregnancy test is popular of all and is even found reliable by many. Knowing How Bleach works : The bleach pregnancy test is a traditional, convenient and low-priced method to check if you ... Read more

Questions to ask pediatrician? Before you choose right one.

Parents always wish to provide the best of everything to their kids. One of the many things they prepare for their little world is a doctor to keep track of their health. A pediatrician is a medical doctor who looks after physical, behavioral and mental care for infants until age 18. A pediatrician is skilled to handle a broad range of childhood illness, from serious diseases to minor problems. It is like a long-term investment. So, it is better to question, check the doctor before choosing one. The first pediatrician visits hold immense importance. So, you should prepare questions to ... Read more

Steps of Prenatal Exercise Classes For Women

There is always conflict when mothers should exercise or not during pregnancy. So, generally, there are a lot of questions about when and how to prenatal exercise classes during pregnancy. But we all know exercising is always important to enhance and improve health and fitness. In pregnancy too, exercising can be beneficial. It can assist in preparing the body for labour, maintaining mother’s and child’s health. Mothers are only allowed to do specific exercises only for various reasons. Blossom birth centre takes pride in providing prenatal exercise classes. They provide many other services too for mother’s fitness and safeguard pregnancy. ... Read more

Reasons for Baby sweating a lot (Everything You Wanna Know)

Sweating is a sign of a healthy body, caused by skin’s eccrine glands. Sweating is a natural response to regulate the body’s temperature in accordance with the outside environment. Even infants have these glands developed in their necks, heads and other parts of the body. Though, having experienced your baby sweating a lot could be a sign of something serious. Is your newborn baby sweating a lot? Hyperhidrosis is a common disorder among adults and infants where they experience excessive sweating. It is usual to find sweat on head or neck of your infant but having your baby sweating a ... Read more