Best Summer Camp Packing List Guide for 2019

Summer camping is always an exciting prospect for tweens and teens. They are an amazing opportunity for exploring, learning and making lifelong friends. However, Parents are mostly confused while preparing what to bring to summer camp can be less fun and more stressful. But summer camp packing does not have to be a daunting chore.


With our ultimate guide, you can prepare summer camp packing list and sort all related matters


Things to remember when preparing summer camp packing list:

It is always recommendable to start packing earlier, to have more time on hand. It will also help you stay stress-free. But before you jump into packing, make sure to plan out the details. Start with checking camp policies, to know what supplies will be provided, which are items are prohibited, and which items are recommended. With the basic idea, list down the detailed list including all the essentials for the trip. You can also take help fromthe camp counsellor packing list


Finalizing summer camp packing list:

To finalize your list, start with thinking of the place you are planning for summer camp. As different types of camping, location requires different essentials and equipments. After concluding, whether you are preparing sleepaway camp packing list, cabin packing list or any other, you are ready to finalize the list.

After preparing the list, cross-check it with your peers or consult your camp counsellor to ensure you are not missing any essential item sleeping bags for tweens. Once, you have pondered again over the trip location, your needs and confirmed it with fellows then you are ready for the next stage

Essentials of Summer Camp Packing List:

  • Labels: On the trip, it is possible that you aren’t as organized as you should be. Therefore, labelling all items can help you keep track of your items and stay organized.
  • Toiletry Bag: Toiletry items are essential no matter where you are. Therefore, having easy access and handling requires a quality toiletry bag.
  • Shoes: Camping is mostly about walking and hiking therefore, having an extra pair of shoes is a must. Even if your summer camp trip does not include such stuff, it is essential to have spare shoes in case of any emergency.
  • Lightweight Jackets: Don’t ruin your time because of extreme weather. Having a lightweight jacket can keep you safe from rain or extreme summers.
  • Sleeping bags for teenage girls and boys


Packing and Concluding:

Last up is the packing stage which before being a daunting task, but now is the easiest. Since you have sorted all the concerns beforehand. All you need to do now is stuff your bags. However, you must ensure that you take minimum space while packing. As you want to enjoy rather than carrying luggage all your trip. Therefore, make sure to have all the items packed in a very concise manner.

This will not only help in carrying stuff but also in keeping track of all your items from overnight bags for tweens to things as small as earphones

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