Best Teen & Tween Birthday Party Ideas For 2019

Every guardian desire to throw a unique and amazing birthday party for their beloved. They wish the party to be fun and memorable for kids and guests. However, choosing teen party themes can be very confusing. So, we have narrowed a few trendy, exciting options which can help you give party ideas for tweens and teen.


Tween Birthday Party Ideas at Home:


There are unlimited house birthday party ideas. But, don’t get confused because we have shortlisted the best ones here for you.

  • You can skip all the theme concept and go with an old-fashioned birthday party. Cake, board games, music and simple options can be surprisingly amazing.
  • Decorate home with your kid’s favourite colours, cartoon characters, or movie character. Addition of, themed cake, and good packs can make it even better.

Fill backyard with pools and a lot of toys and you are done. Tweens and teen love playing in the water. It might get a little messy, but your kid will surely have an exceptional birthday


Outdoor Tween Birthday Party Ideas:

  • Visit your tween’s favourite restaurant. You can ask them to add little décor and music to create a perfect environment. Make sure to book ahead to ensure all the specifications.
  • Go for camping. You can plan day or night camping as per your choice. Adding bonfire, games or simple sleepover can make it truly exceptional.
  • Find and open place and add white or black décor then add the fun part: paints and water. Yes, you can prepare various colours to play and have fun.

Cheap Birthday Party Ideas for Teen and Tweens:


Usually, people think birthday parties demand a lot of money. Although, this is not true since you can plan and enjoy a great birthday party without spending a lot.

  • Gather your tween/ teen and their friends for a field trip. You can go on a trip to some local destination, museum, park or historical home. On the trip, you can distribute goody packs. Everyone can surely have a great time with minimal expense.

Movie-themed party.

You can turn any room in your house into a theater and add in little snacks. Movie and snacks excite kids like nothing else and therefore, be an amazing option for your kiddo.


Party Favor Ideas for Tweens:

It is an unsaid rule to add goody packs and favours. Even, if you have decided the theme, deciding favours can be another headache. But all you need is little creativity. You can simply add stationary, chocolates or other food items, notebooks, toys, stickers and much more. Using themed wrapping papers or coloured sheets to wrap can make them unique.

We have listed 5 best pets for kids, You can gift them to your teen as well.

The above ideas are made sure to be trendy, unique and full of love. Therefore, they include ideas for teenage girl parties, tween parties, teen parties etc. If you ensure to go by the theme when selecting décor, food, games then, surely your party will be a hit.