When Do Babies Clap? Infants & Baby Milestones

Watching a toddler grow and achieve his/her milestones is absolutely exhilarating. The first year is packed with most surprising moment like discovering when do babies clap. As the baby uses various techniques and tricks to reach exciting baby milestones.

Parents usually want their baby to achieve these milestones as soon as possible. However, every kid hit milestones at their own pace. Therefore, do not freak out if your baby is not following pattern of progress as you thought he would.

If the child is delaying too much like not smiling or rolling over then you may contact your pediatrician. And, he would suggest you accurately how to deal with the situation, how to teach baby to clap, when do babies clap or reach other milestones etc. But chances are, everything is probably fine and baby should want to take things slowly.

There are many milestones that the babies must reach however, parents are mainly concerned about the few. Following are the most popular queries parents have.

When do Babies Clap?

Expecting blissful clapping:

The baby can start clapping as early as 6 months when the baby starts to sit on its own. However, on average the babies start to clap their hand closer to 8 or 9 months. Gradually, after this the baby starts to master this skill. There is no exact time, the clapping varies from baby to baby, but the average age is 6 to 12 months.

Teaching toddler to clap :

Spending time with your baby is always the key to him/her to learn new skills easily and quickly. Playing various clapping games or making the hands of baby clap. When a person in front of the baby claps, the baby gets very excited and tries mimic it, bringing her/his hand together too. Soon these efforts will help him learn clapping and do without any help.

How to teach a baby to clap?

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Baby’s Laughter:

Expecting joyous laugh:

The baby should start smiling back at parents around 2 months of age. The first time you experience your baby smiling is in her/his sleep. Soon the baby will start to smile and laugh back at you when he/she is awake and alert. This is one of the most joyful moment experienced by parents and makes the playtime so much more fun.

Teaching your kiddo to laugh:

There is no methods or instruction to follow. You are already doing what it takes to teach a baby to laugh. Smile and laugh in front of baby as much possible and talk to the baby. Spending time with baby is essential not only to help baby reach milestones but develop connection with the baby. If the baby smiles by age of 2 month then you can expect one more milestone by 3rd month.


Toddler’s Crawling:

When to expect it?– The time baby starts to crawl varies greatly. You can come cross kids who directly start to walk and never crawled. Then there are kids who have crawling from very young age but wont walk. Regardless of these variations, the baby on average should start to crawl between 6 to 9 months of age. This skill is one of the most exciting skill to master for kid and his/her parents to watch.


Teaching babies to crawl– Providing baby, a lot of tummy time and free playtime on the ground. Keeping any bright pillow or colourful toy at certain distance when they are on ground can motivate them to move forward. At times, the babies don’t crawl but prefer to roll around to reach the destination. Don’t panic or freak out, it is completely normal. There are kids who do not crawl at all so, if they are rolling to their destination, it can be counted as crawling.

Babies First Steps:

Expecting babies to take their first step –

After the kids learn to crawl, roll, pull themselves to stand, or grip an object to support, it’s time to roam freely. Around 9 to 12 months babies will start to cruise- teaching themselves to walk with support of surrounding furniture. On average, you can expect your baby to start walking around the on-year mark, but some babies might delay their goal until 15 months or even later.

Teaching babies to walk –

This is true, one of the most anticipated baby milestones. Walking can be encouraged with more ground time. If your baby does not reach the milestone in the expected time, there is no need to panic or get worried. If baby is successfully reaching other milestones then, there is absolutely nothing to worry about, but your baby is extremely lazy or is not reaching other milestones too, then you must visit the doctor.

When do Babies Point?

Expecting infants to start pointing –

If your baby isn’t reaching other milestones but is able to point at what he/she wants is a clear sign of highly evolved baby. After the question ‘when do babies clap?’ all parents are concerned when will baby learn to point? It is usually between 12 to 18 months of age. This is first stage of communication from baby to you., expressing their desires or wanting to draw attention therefore, this milestone hold immense importance in life of the baby and his/her parents.

Teaching babies to point –

If you interact with kid by pointing at various things or simply pointing at the baby while talking can help him understand the gestures. This development of understanding gestures is essential for the baby to learn to point himself/herself.


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